The Importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Language Teaching

Educational problems are complex. Geographical factors (natural conditions, people who mostly live in rural, even remote, so difficult to reach transportation) is an example of the quality of education because of the gap between urban and rural areas. Other problems include difficult access to communication and information in the area, the low awareness of the public to send their children (due to the quality of life), inadequate teachers, and school facilities and infrastructure are minimal.

Therefore, the need for innovation in ICT learning and one of them. It is time we should start to use ICT to accelerate pemerataaan access and improving the quality of education. In this case required the political will of governments, so that it can create a conducive atmosphere. Through ICT, we can carry out educational materials / teaching materials in addition to meet the standards, the quality of government are also available equitable and easily accessible in all parts of Indonesia.

ICT is an information technology is a technology used to process data, including processing, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in various ways to produce quality information, ie information that is relevant, accurate and timely, which is used for personal purposes, business, education, and government is also a strategic information for decision making.

ICT in education has many benefits. The results Kurniawati (2005) showed that in the opinion generally makes teachers and students about the net benefits of ICT, especially education, among others:

1. Facilitate teachers and students in finding sources of alternative learning
2. For students who have been able to clarify the material presented by the teacher, because in addition there are also pictures with interesting animated
3. Matter can be practiced by utilizing competency test
4. How to learn more efficiently
5. Increased insight
6. Lighten the example problems in making
7. Know and follow the development of info-material and other related fields of study, helping students learn the material in an individual other than at school
8. Helping students understand the ICT

The above description can also be the reason that the importance of ICT in language learning because of advances in information and communication technologies will further change the concept of learning from the conventional (traditional) to technology-based learning, information and communication. Application of information technology is as a means to optimize students’ learning by constructing knowledge, language knowledge, information and values that can be utilized in real-life students in accordance with the times.

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