English Short Story: The Girl with Two Braids

The Girl with Two Braids

            The earth got a rotation every 24 hours once. During these 24 hours there were many events happened in entire of the earth. Those events, certainly, would be different every day, every hour, every minute, nor every second. Probably, there were the events that went on the same way every day, in the same place, time, people and atmosphere. This case was very possible, likely enough, nothing impossible in this world like what ever I have been around a month ago.

This afternoon was very exhausting after the blazing hot this noon. It was very complete with the slack job maybe just two or three persons who used this service. Suddenly, a girl came when I wanted to get up from my chair for closing office. At four o’clock, this girl came wearing cream blouse and brown skirt, her face was sweet and there was something that very stand-out her two braids hair. She drawn near me and said          “I want to send this package.” Her sound was very soft and nice to hear. “Okay, please write here.” I said and gave her a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote what she might to write then she paid the delivery administration and after that she was cast down and gone.

In the next day, that girl came again in the same time. She wanted to send the package again and this time she used pink blouse and white skirt. She had two braids again this time then she wrote again on the paper that was given by me. After minutes, she was cast down again by mean she permitted for taking leave and gone.

The next day came, this day was very fatiguing because there were many people who sending their packages here. When I was taking a break, that two braids girl came again, I saw my watch, and she came in the same time like before. This time, she wore white blouse and blue skirt, I thought that this girl had been working at the office around here, and there was something that always same of her ‘her two braids hair’. As usual, she wrote the address on a paper that was given by me and then she was cast down and gone.

After a long time, I felt strange because every day in the same time that girl always came for sending her package. It was half past four after that girl came and done her same activity. I started to think this was very strange, it was around two weeks she came to here for sending her package. I burned up, I looked the package that she would send, just the small square package 10×15 cm sized and it wrapped with the brown paper. I recalled and it turned out to be the same package’s form. My anxious started culminating, I looked all address which she wrote on list of delivery report paper and I was very shocked that all address that she wrote was same. I thought what her true aim, why she always came in the same time and used the same dress style it was so far out.

Next day, I permitted to my senior for allow me to send all packages that day and he conceded it. My aim just one that I wanted to know where was that address. Were not someone feel strange get the same packages every day? Before I went to deliver packages, I asked my friend for looking that two braids girl came again to send a package at four o’clock afternoon. I admitted that she would come again or not.

All packages had been delivered by me, I was very tired but I was still enthusiasm because still one package had not deliver, yeah that girl’s package…. After passing some alleys, I found that shady house. I pressed bell after a while the old man came out from this house.

“Excuse me sir, there is a package for you.”

“Package?  Who’s delivering?” He asked.

“A girl with two braids sends it, sir” I answered.

“Two braids?” he asked again.

“Yeah sir, aren’t you always get package like this before, I expected that will be two weeks ago.” I answered again.

“I never get anything before because I had two weeks not here, I went to Surabaya and I just come to this house this morning.”

“But sir, that package was always sending here.” I said.

“I swear child, there is never package come here, my neighbor also never see who comes here during I went to Surabaya.”

“Then, this package? This package is the same one with the package that had been sending two weeks ago, it has the same sender too, open that package pleases sir, in order to know who the sender is, and I admit that you know her.” I said seriously.

“Ok, I open this” That man opened his package and he found a luxury gold watch inside it.

“This watch……” said that man shocked. “ It is the watch that my daughter will give it to me in my fifty-five birthday, but she has not chance for giving this watch to me because she got an accident before sending this watch. She got that accident after her office” told that old man seriously.

I felt strange and scare, I wished that girl was not this old man’s daughter, but I was very scared when the old man told me that her daughter had passed way two weeks ago after that accident. He showed me the photo of his daughter and I was very shocked that the girl who came every day to send the package was the same one with the girl on that photo ‘the girl with two braids’. Her father told maybe she came for giving this watch for him.  I tried to believe it; I was still shocked with this incident. After coming to my work place, I still shocked and I still felt Goosebumps. That girl was that old man’s daughter who had passed away. I have not able to think that incident again.

The next day, my friend said that there was not a girl with braid coming here, I was be very grateful, I thought that girl was calm in the beyond because her wish had been fulfill. Morning and noon were passed, this day was slack again no one came here for sending package. In this leisure time, I spent it for clearing up papers on the table, and then taking some important note of delivering list. Suddenly, my pen fell down it was under the table so I squatted for getting it when there was someone came to my table.

“I want to send this package.”

I admitted that I sure ever heard this voice, the soft nice voice. Directly, I stood up and how I felt shock and scare because someone who came, yeah, ‘the girl with two braids’.



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