The Example of Model Lesson for Engineering Students

Model Lesson


Worksheet 1: The passage

Worksheet 2: The kind of vehicle pictures

Worksheet 3: The questions sheet


Engineering students, upper basic / intermediate level


  • Gathering Information

1)      Divide the class into five groups, show and give each groups one passage.

2)      Tell the group to discussing and discovering the material of the passage and ask the group to take a note about the passage, and make sure the information is concrete.

  • Analyzing

1)      After taking a note about the material, ask each group to do the worksheet 2.

2)      After doing the worksheet 2, ask each group to do the worksheet 3 as their evaluation test.

  • Feedback

1)      After collecting the evaluation test, explain completely about the passage.

2)      Discuss about the type of engines are used in vehicles.

  • Follow up

1)      Ask students to mention other examples of the engines.


Note: The teacher may adds more details to the needs of lesson.



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