[K-Pop Battle] G-Dragon vs. Taeyang

We didn’t want to do it, but we did. We went there.

For this week’s K-Pop Battle, we’re putting member up against member, Big Bang brother up against Big Bang brother.

We apologize for the cliché analogy in advance, but from their GDYB days to the Big Bang members lending their support to each other’s solo endeavors, G-Dragon and Taeyang have long been like peanut butter and jelly. (PB&J…YB&G…D. Okay, we’ll stop.)

While they each have their own unique flavor, we know that the two together make for an explosive and delicious(?) combination.

But for the sake of this week’s K-Pop Battle, it’s GDYB no more!

In fact, we’re giving you loyal Big Bang fans permission to play favorites. Because we know you all have one.



Idol star, singer, rapper, producer, composer, lyricist, style icon. The list goes on and on when it comes to G-Dragon’s talents.

The Big Bang leader most recently made a one-of-a-kind return to the K-Pop scene as only he knows how with the aptly-titled song One of a Kind.

The music video may have already amassed more than seven million views on YouTube, but he was turning heads way before the official announcement of his solo comeback, with his recent activity on Twitter and Instagram, posting photos of his ever changing hairstyles and hinting at his highly-anticipated return.

While we were sad to hear One of a Kind would only be released in music video form, if the song is a sign for what’s to come, we can’t wait to see what else G-Dragon is hiding up his sleeve when his new single drops on September 1.


If G-Dragon is in charge of the cool and avant garde, Taeyang’s main responsibility is to be smooth and sexy. And he’s certainly pulling his weight.

G-Dragon is all about the bells and whistles when it comes to his performances, but Taeyang needs only his voice and slick dance moves to make women fall head over heels for him.

Although, if Taeyang’s recent hairstyles are any indication, G-Dragon is definitely rubbing off on him — for better or worse.

We love all of Taeyang’s sexy smooth serenades, but Only Look at Me definitely tops our list.

So, who will it be? And, remember, you can only choose one! Head over to our K-Pop section to vote now.

Source: enewsworld

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