G-Dragon Shoots Down Charts with ‘That XX’

G-Dragon’s That XX took over music charts despite its R rating.

That XX pulled down Gangnam Style, by G-Dragon’s label mate Psy, and continued the YG legacy of all-kills.

A rep from YG Entertainment said, “G-Dragon is the first singer to have a song that willingly got an R rating top the charts in an all-kill. Though this phenomenon we can see that, contrary to beliefs that G-Dragon or Big Bang’s fans will mostly be in their teens, there are actually a great number of fans in their 20s and 30s.”

That XX has been gathering issues with its surprising decisions. Even before it was put up for a ratings evaluation, it willingly took up an R rating, getting fans curious on what the ‘XX’ in the title could mean.

The song, however, turned out to be a mellow single played with an acoustic guitar. The lyrics are about how a man looks on as his love continues to believe in her boyfriend, although he continuously cheats on her, and is hurt by how she doesn’t look back at him.

G-Dragon appeared in the music video as the man who has a crush and also as the cheating boyfriend. Jennie Kim, member of YG’s upcoming girl group, also starred in the music video, making her first public debut.

Source: enewsworld

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