10 Korean Male Idol Dressed as a Girl

Cross-dressing, or girls dressed for boys, and vice versa, is often performed by the idol in Korea. Dressed as a girl is usually done for the sake of drama, reality show, or just for fun.
Some of the idol boys wearing girls apparently do it ‘too good’ to their transformation is staggering. Some idols even earned high praise from many female fans who felt they were very pretty.

Here are 10 Korean idol guy dressed as a girl. In your opinion, who is the most beautiful?

10. Jo Kwon – 2AM

2AM’s Jo Kwon has arguably the totality while dressed as a girl. With a fairly elaborate wig, Jo Kwon also willing polished lips with a red lip.

With confidence Jo Kwon also pitch. 2PM Taecyeon standing behind him was to smile at Jo Kwon’s reckless actions.

9. Seunghyun FT Island

In an event, FT Island Seunghyun SHINee members surprised when he came out of the dressing room with the dress of women. Black shirt and pants similar to the golden leggingnya make Key SHINee ‘stunned’.

8. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Not just a one-time Super Junior’s Eunhyuk cross-dressing. In the concerts of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk was several times daring dress like women.

But one of the most horrendous action to Marilyn Monroe at home to Korea after holding concerts in Indonesia.

7. Sung Jong – Infinite

With a large band member ala Orange Caramel (After School’s sub-unit), the youngest Infinite, Sung Jong, attracting the attention of many people because of her beauty. Long wig and pink dress made her eyes dozens amazed and surprised.

6. Jae Joong JYJ

Many fans were assessed Jaejoong very ‘pretty’ when she wore a long wig and women’s clothes in the video below. He smiled shyly as she spoke.

5. Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Behind the strong muscle that has recently demonstrated, Super Junior’s Leeteuk actually keep a ‘talent’ for when he dressed as a woman. Not just once, he had several times appeared wearing women’s clothing.

4. Kevin U-Kiss

Girls Generation Jessica is gorgeous. But who would have thought, Kevin U-Kiss also has the same beautiful when dressed as Jessica and waddle like a model. Not only that, Kevin was dancing song Oh! owned by Girls Generation

3. Taemin SHINee

Tens of thousands of fans screaming when a girl appeared on stage SMTown Concert in Soul. But who would have thought, pretty girl who turns SHINee Taemin dressed as girls.

2. G-Dragon of Big Bang

G-Dragon surprising hundreds of thousands of fans around the world with Gil Ra Im dressed in a drama SECRET GARDEN. Various poses and styles he had done for this unique transformation.

1. Super Junior Hee Chul

Excitement happens when Hee Chul Super Junior dressed as Lady Gaga and claim her as Lady Heehee. Heechul sexy action on stage was not half-half, what with her sexy outfit.

via: kapanlagi

credit: facebook.com/korean celebrity info


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