G-Dragon’s Best Collaborations

While it’s great to see G-Dragon partying it up with Big Bang members on stage, it’s even more awesome seeing some of the interactions that the leader has with other K-Pop singers.

G-Dragon had many collaborative performances with some of the hottest stars in the K-Pop scene, so we share with you some of our favorite collaborations with G-Dragon.

2NE1’s CL

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When G-Dragon and CL come together, an unexplainable presence that can only come out from the leaders of Big Bang and 2NE1 appears and fills an empty stage.

Having worked on the track The Leaders together, also featuring 1TYM’s leader Teddy, G-Dragon and CL took control of the stage with their fierce rapping at one end-of-the year music ceremony in 2009.

While they sauntered around the stage with no flashy choreography or actions, the pair took over the stage and made it their own.

2NE1’s Sandara Park

Although they’re four years apart in age, G-Dragon and Sandara Park went together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong (Sorry, Grease reference. Couldn’t resist) putting on an awesome performance of G-Dragon’s Hello at hisShine a Light concert.

Maybe the special chemistry that exists between them is because Sandara Park’s ideal man used to be G-Dragon in the past, mostly because G-Dragon helped carry her snowboard at one point. But now they’re just good nuna anddongsengs, who put on fun performances together.

Park Myung Soo

No one really believed it when Park Myung Soo asked to collaborate together on MBC’s Infinity Challenge G-Dragon would actually say yes and do an amazing job while juggling all of his busy schedules with Big Bang.

G-Dragon, who becomes super serious when it comes to music, was able to patiently accommodate Park Myung Soo’s pickiness and fear of trying something completely new.

Taking both G-Dragon’s and Park Myung Soo’s styles and jamming them together somehow, they created the perfect summer song of 2011, beautifully decorated by Park Bom’s voice as well.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee

We want to go ahead and say that Big Bang and Wonder Girls’ collaborations were one of the most highlighted performances in 2007 with both groups soaring in popularity with Lies and Tell Me.

Among the different pairings between the two groups, G-Dragon’s chemistry with Sohee was especially noted. With their adorable interactions and expressions, the two singers were so loved by fans that rumors of the two singers dating even appeared.

Big Bang’s T.O.P

How can we forget this epic duo?

When the two rappers of Big Bang announced that they would perform together as GD & T.O.P, so much anticipation was created, and we’d like to think that the all of our expectations were met.

Together, G-Dragon and T.O.P, not only flashed their crazy hairstyles and luxurious brand name items, but brought down the stage with their never ending energy and presence full of class.

Big Bang’s Taeyang

Best friends for life.

G-Dragon is not G-Dragon without his Youngbae and Taeyang is not Taeyang without his Jiyong.

They’ve know each other since they were little kids and now they’re taking over the K-Pop world with their friendship still intact.

Whenever one releases a solo, the other is sure to feature in it, proving their everlasting friendship, as well as providing fan service for the V.I.Ps.

We love this pair and hope they continue to be a great support to each other’s music careers.

So there you have it.

Some of G-Dragon’s best collaborations in his careers.

Which ones are your favorites and what other collaborations can you think of?

Photo Credit: SBS, KBS, MBC, YG Entertainment, G-Dragon′s Twitter, Sandara Park′s me2day

Source: enewsworld



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