G-Dragon’s Top Issue-Making Lyrics

G-Dragon certainly knows how to grab the people’s attention, and when he’s not doing it with his hair or his fashion forward looks, he’s doing it with pen and paper.

The Big Bang leader is well known for his songwriting skills as he’s written the lyrics to numerous Big Bang songs as well as his own solo tracks.

And now he′s raising eyebrows with his Rated R single That XX.

But this isn′t the first time G-Dragon has stirred the pot with his lyrics, so we’ve sifted through numerous G-Dragon-penned tracks and gave them a good listen to uncover some of his top issue-making lyrics.

This Love

G-Dragon’s solo track, This Love, on Big Bang’s first album Big Bang Vol. 1, which was released in 2006, caused quite a stir among fans because of a few lines in the song that suggested the song was about G-Dragon’s ex-girlfriend at the time.

The first line that clued listeners in on the possibility of the song being about a certain girl was the following:

September 19th, Your birthday.The kicker, however, comes at the end of the song, where G-Dragon mentions a letter that fans presumed was the initial of the ex-girlfriend’s name :

Hey J look at me
After your left it ain’t the same
I’m not what I used to be
At the time of the song’s release, fans ran with the hints(?) and attempted to uncover the identity of this mysterious ex-girlfriend.

A little childish, yes, but isn’t that what puppy love is all about?

GD&TOP’s Intro

Fans took to making an issue out of another lyric G-Dragon wrote, possibly referencing another girlfriend, for the intro track on the GD&TOP album.

I’m short, but my girl is tallThe lyrics may seem innocent enough, if it hadn’t been for the fact that rumors were swirling about G-Dragon dating Japanese model and actress Kiko Mizuhara at the time.

Besides the height reference, fans noted that the word used for tall in the Korean lyrics is “kikuh,” which coincidentally sounds like Kiko, or “My girl is Kiko.”

Although G-Dragon denied the dating rumors, it didn’t stop fans from getting upset. We, on the other hand, think the lyrics are pure brilliance — if the rumors were true.

Listen carefully in the GD&TOP performance below!

GD&TOP’s Don’t Go Home

The title is considerably racy, especially considering their idol group roots, but GD and T.O.P were out to prove they were all grown up in the sexually suggestive, 19-and-over track Don’t Go Home.

Turn the lights down low, You and I make eye contact
I undo my button slightly, Mouth dry, I close the door
Whew, the lyrics certainly aren’t your traditional Big Bang chatter, but we don’t mind G-Dragon and T.O.P’s Boys II Men moment. Not at all.

One of a Kind

For the amount of love G-Dragon receives from his fans, he also has his fair share of haters, and he set out to tell them like it is in with his latest single One of a Kind.

And, basically, what it is, is G-Dragon’s the sh*t. Except we don’t hate him for it. We love him, actually — for being so bold.

Because I’m different, Because that’s me, Because everyone goes crazy over everything I do
Because I set trends, Because I change everything, So how far can my skills go?
Get back, This isn’t a joke, Young & rich, That’s me
So I’m fast, So what, It’s okay, Are you kidding me? I’m no joke
G-Dragon doesn’t sugarcoat it when he continues with talk about his moneymaking skills in the following lines:

Yeah I’m busy busy?
My business grows money trees
I don’t rest, My songs raise buildings, I love it.
Yes, it’s a little in-your-face, but, for better or worse, he speaks the truth.

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