[Star of the Week] G-Dragon

It′s another week, another Star to highlight!

We′ve seen your likes, Tweets and hits – which made choosing this week′s Star of the Week relatively easy!

That′s right – it′s the ′One of a Kind′ star, G-Dragon.

Though he′s best known for his work with ultra-popular group Big Bang, there′s no denying that G-Dragon is recognizable even without his group members.

Though he just turned 24, G-Dragon has a slew of number one hits, both with Big Bang and without, has become noted as one of the most fashionable idols in the biz, and is acclaimed for being a songwriter and producer.

This past week, the young star released his One of a Kind video, which has already hit over 9 million views (and is very close to hitting 10 million) – and that′s not all he′s been doing.

He′s been named as the head producer behind YG′s mysterious new girl grouptaken over charts with THAT XX , which also racked up over 2 million views on Youtube, and celebrated Big Bang′s 6th anniversary.

He′s also up against bff Taeyang in our weekly K-Pop battle – so he′s pretty much everywhere these days.


Source: enewsworld

Picture cr: as watermarked

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