G-Dragon title song titled “Crayon”

Be announced on the 15th mini-album in full track listing!
Jaurim, Nell, Tablo, DOK2 musicians participate compelling stuff.

Comeback solo album in three years, was officially announced Dragon’s mini-album track list this morning, YG official blog YG LIFE.
Be released Sept. 15, 2009, G-Dragon’s first mini-album, a total of seven songs in the film, the title and the title song ‘crayons (CRAYON)’.

‘Crayons (CRAYON)’, the leading producer of YG TEDDY and G-Dragon collaborated with lyricist, composer one as a portmanteau of ‘CRAZY + G-DRAGON’ and ‘CRAZY ON’ of reducing a word meaning ‘crayons’ to something crazy dragon, and is expected to be the official title song songs as much as the color of the dragon is revealed most strongly.
Is Big Bang’s main music producer G-Dragon differently than previous albums and all the songs on this solo album a total of seven songs in the film which also participated as a composer, lyricist, colorful herpes pictures featuring a more eye-catching
Among them, the most prominent featuring the track ‘eventually’, but did not reveal the name of featuring ‘The reason? Of YG NEW GIRL GROUP ‘because
The word ‘eventually’ in the song, one of the group members Gimje niyang first introduced in the first quarter after the rookie showcase in the second half through the public a few days ago, the line XX ‘music video from YG I involved another female member name yet, but is expected to without acknowledging “?” is only marked.
Also from other album track ‘MISSING YOU’ Jaurim Kim Yun Ah, Jong Wan Kim participated Nell, they rarely does not participate in the other singers of the album featuring musicians and a track ‘TODAY’ In the meantime the Big Bang and G-Dragon Given featuring singers agency that I could almost causing very fresh expectations.
Artists, such as different colors of high-quality music, strong personality with seven bonus tracks, the same agency, Tablo and under-talented rapper ‘ax’, ‘fire’ Look Paste to participate in G-Dragon is first met, what harmony yirwonael more raise expectations.
Meanwhile, G-Dragon a few days ago announced a line of public song ‘XX’ announced all of the domestic music charts dominate. Under 19 years of age listening experience music charts since it can not dominate the # 1 song in the first’re pretty good topic which has attracted G-Dragon’s music is more than 20 to 10, as well as appeal to the fan base of all ages to secure that it can
In addition, each of the public for a week, to 10 million, that surpassed 3,000,000 views in just two days before the formal activities, such as music video ‘ONE OF A KIND’ and ‘XX’ has attracted unusual reaction.
Music Video on G-Dragon wore costumes appeared already interested in fashion, as well as the general public to the topic attracted’m not cause any wavelength in the music industry, the music and fashion of the Dragon Abduction is noteworthy.

The source of G-Dragon’s first mini-album, ‘ONE OF A KIND’ record on September 15, September 18 and in full.

Source: ygent_official

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