Yang Ngurus Blog Ini

I’m the girl that plays a role in creating a harmony in a relationship. I am as a person who receives and implement something quietly. I am a clever cover up something that I always look cheerful, peaceful and had no problems at all but if you can not stand, I would find a place or person to vent. Sometimes I’m too generous (good heart), excited to do good. Some say usually people like me are loved by everyone, “loved by all” ha … ha … ha … But I also actually a stubborn person and in secret have their own opinion about things. On the other hand, I’m very flexible and very easy to accept new things. Besides, I look cool, and reliable but I often slip and make big mistakes because of lack of caution. However, precisely this that makes people like me loved. Wuuuaaaaa ….
Okay my confidence. My mind strong and not easily swayed. What was already a decision, can not be changed by persuasion, but no decision rule can be changed, only by theory and supported by good reason and sense. But do not worry and feel free to friend my decision because every decision I take is the result of a very mature thinking. Given that a wise person like me is not easily affected in a bad neighborhood association. I would prefer not to have friends, rather than having to go into a poor milieu.
As the proverb says, “There is no ivory that is not cracked.” Ho … Ho … Ho …
Usually people do not really like me because I am stubborn and sometimes quite conventional view. Do not like relented. In the debate, for example, even though it knew that my opinion was wrong, but still not willing to admit it.

ENJOY…. ^____^


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